My nephew was born last week. He’s the first grandchild in the family, and the first boy! I don’t have kids of my own so I can’t imagine the feeling of meeting your child for the first time, but the second I saw him I knew I’d love him forever. All I can think about is how I can’t wait to make him smile and be happy.

This is why I love working with jewelry. Jewelry celebrates special occasions, special bonds and gifts that mean something and last a lifetime.

Every time I get to be a part of someone’s engagement or find a piece of jewelry a new home, I feel a connection to that person’s story and I imagine the life that piece will have. When clients bring in jewelry from their family I am privileged to learn parts of their stories and we celebrate them together. Whether you spend five dollars or five thousand, remember the special people in your life and mark those milestones with something that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

I can’t wait to someday show my nephew pieces that belonged to my grandmother and tell him a little about her. I’m so grateful that we have that jewelry to celebrate her. Every time someone asks about a piece of her jewelry I am wearing I have the pleasure of introducing her to them.

That’s a bond that is the most precious thing of all.