Professional Appraisal

Do you know exactly what kind of jewelry you have? Do you know what it is currently worth? It’s important to find out.

Expert Evaluation

What’s in your jewelry box? What’s its value? Let’s find out together! We will evaluate your jewelry to determine its worth.

Consignment Service

Jewelry consignment can be a great option to get the maximum value for your pieces, within your timeframe.

Direct Purchase

Would you like to sell your unused jewelry? EMS Estates will purchase it! Selling your jewelry is easy and painless.

Custom Design & Repair

I’ll help you create the perfect piece that you’ll cherish forever.

Elizabeth Simpson

I Founded EMS Estates to help guide others through the process of selling their jewelry because I know how confusing the jewelry business can be.

Fine Jewelry Appraisal, Evaluation, Consignment, Purchase, and Custom Design & Repair

I founded EMS Estates in 2015 to provide a knowledgeable and personal approach to appraising and selling fine jewelry. Jewelry can hold precious memories and sentimental value for us and it’s important that the appraiser evaluating your jewelry not only has the qualifications to appraise it but understands the history and context behind each piece.

Selling jewelry can be a very emotional decision. EMS Estates provides a private, judgement-free environment to have your jewelry appraised or evaluated to buy it directly or sell on consignment. At EMS Estates I will treat you and your fine jewelry with the respect and expertise that you deserve.


I will provide detailed measurements, values, certification, and professional photographs, for each piece of jewelry in your appraisal.

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We’ll sort through your pieces, determine their value, test metals and gemstones, and I’ll provide a verbal evaluation of each piece.

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I’ll personally evaluate your piece(s), determine the range of your resale value, and offer them for sale to the widest audience.

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EMS Estates will buy your new or used, even broken fine jewelry, recycle and refurbish, then market it again as estate pieces.

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You Deserve to Understand

Our GIA standards-based, accurate appraisals help you make informed decisions that are in your best interest.  When it comes to selling your pieces, we’ll help you understand what current market values are and why.  We’ll market your pieces to a worldwide audience to get you the best value.  Furthermore, our repair and custom design services are all about making you pieces you will cherish.  

Trust Elizabeth and EMS Estates to guarantee you the accuracy, transparency, and the personalized attention you deserve.

Happy Clients


“I met Elizabeth when the GIA recommended her. I needed someone to evaluate and sell a large collection of fine personal jewelry that my deceased wife loved. After meeting Elizabeth, I found her integrity and knowledge to be amazing. She is a professional jewelry appraiser who knows just about everything regarding the world of fine jewelry. Elizabeth is still selling off the extensive list for a very fair price.”

George Edwards

“I asked Elizabeth at EMS Estates to sell an antique brooch for me. Several other people said it was “un-sellable” as it wasn’t in fashion any longer.

Elizabeth found a buyer and did what others said was impossible – she sold it and got a decent price for it. Throughout the process, Elizabeth stayed in touch, letting me know what was going on. I highly recommend EMS Estates…”

Linda Cahan

“My elderly mother passed her jewelry on to me. I didn’t want to keep a lot of it and thought I could sell some and set up a fund for her. I had no idea how to start. I considered removing the stones and refining the gold for melt value, but that just felt wrong and some pieces wouldn’t be worth much.

Then I was fortunate to meet Elizabeth. She told me she could sell what I didn’t want to keep…”

Cheryl Roberson

Elizabeth Simpson - Owner, Gemologist and Fine Jewelry Appraiser

My Story

I founded EMS Estates because I know how confusing the jewelry business can be. Years ago I needed to sell jewelry to pay tuition.  The idea made me nervous because the process seemed mysterious. I didn’t know what to expect.  I started this company to help guide others through appraising, selling, or consigning their jewelry.

Visit My Sister Site:

Visit My Sister Site:

The Jeweled Crescent by Elizabeth Simpson
A selection of jewelry that can be found at The Jeweled Crescent.