Magnificent, Mesmerizing Emerald For May Birthdays

Magnificent, Mesmerizing Emerald For May Birthdays

Here in Portland, spring might have officially sprung. We’re not totally sure, because the days in Oregon tends to vary wildly between “warm and sunny” and “I’m so cold, why is it still raining?” One of the things we love most about spring is seeing the flower shoots pushing through the earth to soak up the delicious sunshine. The beautiful, vibrant green embodies the lush green of the elegant emerald, no matter the context.

While we love the idea of celebrating a birthday in May with an emerald tiara, we know that the cost might be a bit prohibitive (for anyone who isn’t royalty). That doesn’t even take into account being able to get your hands on one!

This Diadem belonged to Duchess of Angouleme and is now property of, and displayed in, the Louvre Museum. It’s value is immense not only because of the exceptional stones used for its creation but also because of the fact it is one of the few pieces of jewelry of the period that remain in their original state.

We don’t seem to have any tiaras in stock at the moment. However, here are a few of our favorite pieces currently available to inspire you in the name of springtime:

Art Deco Emerald Pendant

This 3.71ctw 18k Emerald Art Deco style pendant is set with 137 glittering diamonds in gorgeous white gold. The pendant features a pear shaped emerald that is held with three prongs, two at the base and a v-cap at the top. The emerald sits above the rest of the pendant in a gloriously prominent position. Click here to view more about this pendant.

Emerald and Diamond Halo Earrings in 14k Rose Gold

These emerald and diamond halo earrings are truly a work of art. Dramatic, natural Colombian emerald in a head-turning size, these earrings feature combined 1.31ctw center stones. Surrounding the treasured true green is a delicate halo of F/G VS2 diamonds with a combined total weight of 0.30ctw. Click here to view more details.

Like many gemstones, emeralds have a multitude of meanings stemming from different cultures and beliefs. In mythology, emerald is the stone of the goddess Venus, resulting in the association of emeralds with romance. Emeralds are said to bring passion, bliss, and unconditional love! Legend has it that wearing emeralds can give you the ability to foresee the future and see the truth. It has also been believed that emerald has the power to cure disease and protect against evil.

It would be our pleasure to create a unique custom piece of jewelry for you. Simply click here to get in touch.

Colored Diamonds to Craft Your Signature Style

Colored Diamonds to Craft Your Signature Style

Is there such a thing as a real red diamond?  Or a purple one?  You bet!

Luxurious colored diamonds occur naturally in all colors of the rainbow. The colors range from vibrant red, pink and orange, to brilliant blue, green, violet, and muted yellow, brown, gray – and even black.

That being said, for every 10,000 carats of clear diamonds that are mined, only 1 carat of colored diamonds are found.  The most frequently seen natural colored diamonds occur in shades of yellow and brown, including trade terms like “chocolate diamonds” or “champagne diamonds.”

A colored diamond can be a fun way to create your own statement piece of jewelry.

What gives colored diamonds their color and what should you know about them?  You’ve probably heard of the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat, of course. These are traditionally used to understand any diamond’s value. However, with colored diamonds, there are additional parameters to be aware of.

The value of colored diamonds is found primarily in the intensity or saturation of the color. The deeper and more saturated the color, the more rare – and therefore, more valuable – they are.    It is common for diamonds to be treated to enhance their color, either to make them more white or to intensify or even change their primary color.

Are color-enhanced diamonds good or bad? Neither- it’s all about knowing what you are buying.  Color-enhanced diamonds can make beautiful stones with intense colors and generally cost less than white stones of comparable quality.

Naturally colored diamonds are judged on the quality of their color as well as the rest of the 4Cs.  And while colorless or white diamonds are cut to emphasize their glittering sparkle, colored diamonds are cut to maximize their richness of color.

We are so proud to announce our new line of colored diamond jewelry!

These pieces are crafted especially with our discerning clients in mind.  This is an exciting opportunity to determine your signature style and wear something that truly reflects your personality. Find YOUR ideal diamond and wear it proudly.

We have shared a few of our favorite pieces featuring colored diamonds in this article. We can’t wait to craft something special just for you!

June is pearl month! Here are my top tips for keeping your pearls pretty

Pearl jewelry is a unique treasure to be passed from generation to generation, but some special handling may be required to keep your pearls looking their best.  Here are a few key tips:

  1. Put your pearl jewelry on last thing and make your pearls the first thing you take off.  Don’t get hairspray, perfume, lotion or any sticky stuff on your pearl jewelry.  Pearls are made pretty by their luster, so don’t let their glow be dimmed.  Your skin, however, is the best treatment for keeping pearls looking young, so wear your pearls often.
  2. Gently, very gently, wipe your pearls with warm water after you wear them.  Don’t let them sit in water or put them into any chemical cleaners.  A soft cloth with warm water is all your pearl jewelry should ever need.  If you need clean metal in which pearls are set, use soft polishing cloths and avoid touching the pearls themselves.
  3. Pearl necklaces are strung with silk thread which can stretch over time.  Store your pearls laying flat, not hanging.  Don’t tug on them and be careful when wiping them clean not to put excess pressure on the knots.  If you do notice space between knots, its time to get them restrung.  A reputable jeweler or gemologist (like me!) will be able to help you.

Pearls are one of the most amazing gemstones the earth offers us.  Jewelry made from pearls has been prized since ancient times.  Take care to keep your pearls looking their best for years to come!

Emeralds: The Perfect Spring Stone

diamond and emerald necklaceEmeralds are the perfect gem for spring: they symbolize growth and new beginnings!

Did You Know?

  • Emerald were first mined in Egypt in 1500 BC and became highly prized in Egyptian culture.   They are rumored to have been Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone.
  • Colombia produces more than 50% of the world’s emerald supply. Emeralds are also found in Africa.
  • Top quality emeralds are so rare that they can be worth more than diamonds. Emeralds are judged by their origin, their color and their clarity.
  • Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re natural: Synthetic (lab created) emeralds were first made in 1935 and have flooded the market since.

Be careful when buying emerald jewelry and make sure you know if you are buying natural or synthetic stones. The price and value differ significantly. You can protect yourself by having a gemologist review any item prior to purchasing it.

For the month of May 2017 I am offering 15% off all purchases of emerald jewelry! 

Contact me to schedule a private showing and check out what we have online.

My Top 3 Tips for Buying Diamonds

Buying diamonds can and should be a fun experience. To make the most of it here are my top 3 tips to make for a seamless shopping experience!
  1. Buy a diamond with a certificate.  You need a diamond grading report or appraisal from a Graduate Gemologist- someone trained at the Gemological Institute of America. This will ensure your stone is graded to the highest standards and there’s no question of what you are getting.
  2. Buy a diamond, not a certificate! This might sound contrary to my first point but it isn’t. Some buyers study reports looking for the 4 C’s but buying a diamond just based on a report without seeing it would be like buying a car without a test drive. You can do it, but grading reports don’t always show you that sparkle, fire and brilliance we want from our diamonds. Find a jeweler you can trust (oh hey!) and ask them to bring in several stones for you to choose from. You’ll be surprised at the differences between stones.
  3. Consider factors beyond price. Buying a stone online might be cheaper but you get what you pay for. Retailers offer an in shop experience that allows you to look at multiple stones at one time. You also have the opportunity to see loose stones in different settings and retailers are the ones you go to for questions. Retailers also warranty their work and most can perform repairs. Once you find a jeweler that you trust, you will recognize the value of speaking to someone in person and getting help maximizing your budget.

Happy Shopping!

Dangling Diamonds!

Is 2017 the year of the diamond dangle earring?

The Oscars always offer a peak into future jewelry trends and the scramble starts immediately to copy those designs. This year, we saw an overwhelming majority of stars wearing large diamond dangle earrings. How fun!

Of course there were a few exceptions to the trend of large dangling earrings- the shredded gold Tiffany necklace worn by Jessica Biel and the stunning curly diamond necklace worn by Kirsten Dunst (see Jessica on the right). She is indeed smashing!  The red carpet didn’t offer up much in the way of rings or bracelets either.  What did accompany almost every gown was a sparkling pair of dangle diamond earrings.

Here are a few I love:

Want this look for your own special occasion? Check out a few Oscar worthy earrings in our collections:

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